1. Definitions

1.1. Organizer
DEX Innovation Centre, lead partner of CE-Connector Network.

1.2. Cooperation partners

Optimizacija Ltd, Zagreb, Croatia, www.inventocapitalpartners.eu
Zagreb Innovation Centre Ltd., Avenija Dubrovnik 15, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia,

Czech Republic:
DEX Innovation Centre, Rumjancevova 696/3, Liberec, Czechia 46001

Germany (16 regions)
Baden-Württemberg, Bayern, Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,
Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, and Thüringen
AEN (Automotive Engineering Network e. V.) Zähringer Str. 65a 76133 Karlsruhe

P-INVENT Consulting,Trading and Services Kft.,1039 Budapest, Bokor utca 9-11

CWBC- Kamieniarska 31/4 30-364 Krakow

Market research and consulting company, Ltd.,Bogatin d.o.o. Smerdujeva 18 1210
Ljubljana Sentvid, Slovenia

1.3. CE-Connector
The general objective is to build a sustainable transregional co-investing ecosystem,
where Business angels invest together with Providers of public leverage with the aim
to close the financial gap between 3Fs (founders, family, friends) and VC (Venture
Capital) investment. Such a gap is identified at the scale of investment from 75.000
euro to 1.000.0000 per 1 investment to single Start-up.

1.4. Business Angel
Business Angels are individuals or groups (often called Angel Syndicates) of wealthy
individuals that help entrepreneurial individuals and their companies succeed with a
business idea by investing their own money.

1.5. Call for application
A call for application published by the lead partner to connect with Business Angels
interests to startups from the eligible countries and CE-Connector Network services.

1.6. Terms & Conditions
This document.

1.7. Eligible countries


1.8. CE-Connector Network Services
CE-Connector Network services consist of the following services according to the
Operational Manual
- Connecting start-ups with local and regional business angels from the
eligible countries.
- Facilitating the investment negotiations and agreement
- Providing supplementary documents like investment agreement template,
due diligence questionnaire, etc.

1.9. Cost of CE-Connector Network services
Free of charge.

1.10. Applicant
CE-Connector welcomes and accepts individuals to become a member of the CE-Connector
Angel Investment Market. They can join as individuals or as groups.

1.11. Operational Manual
The document that describes the basic operation rules of CE-Connector Network.

1.12. Application Form
A list of questions to be answered by the Applicant so that the Organizer should be
able to process it, verify compliance with the eligibility criteria and provide the CE-Connector
network services tailored for the Applicant.

2. General Provisions
The Call will be conducted pursuant to these Terms and Conditions. The Organizer
reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions, provided that the changes do
not violate the rights of the Applicants of the Call acquired prior to such change and
do not alter the fundamental principles of the Call.
The Objective of the call is to receive applications from Applicants that are interested
in CE-Connector Network services.

3. Personal Data
Personal data provided to the Organizer by Applicants shall be processed by the
Organizer from the moment of sending the Form. The data controller of this personal
data is the Organizer. Personal data provided by the Applicants to the Organizer will
be made available to the Cooperating partners as third-party data controllers.

4. Deadline of applications
The call is continuously open until 28th February 2022.

5. Eligibility criteria of applications
CE-Connector accepts applications to become a member of the CE-Connector Angel
Investment Market from individuals or groups to join by fulfilling the following
- The business angels from eligible countries need to fill out the application form
via the CE-Connector/Business Angels platform:
- The applicant obtains two recommendations from existing members or founding
partners of CE-Connector.

6. Final Provisions
In case of any question regarding the CE-Connector Network or this document, please
write us at:
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